North Korean Government System

North Korea was a Japanese colony until Japan was defeated at the end of the Second World War. At that point it was decided to split Korea into the Communist North, and the non Communist South. The north korean government system can therefore be dated back to 1945 with the establishment of a Stalinist style ruling Communist party. The hard line Stalinist structures are still in place a quarter of a century after the Soviet Union itself collapsed, and long after China adopted capitalist economic policies. North Korea has a more hard line Communist regime than the ones, which remain in China, Cuba, and Vietnam.

Officially the country is called the Peoples’ Republic of Korea and it’s government system is geared towards maintaining the grip of the ruling Communist party. To do so the North Korean armed forces have been built up since the end of the Korean War in 1953. The government has recently confirmed that the country now has nuclear weapons and would be prepared to use these if it believed South Korea and the United States is threatening it’s position.

Unusually for a Communist system of government the country has been ruled by three generations of the Kim Il family. All of whom have been opposed to loosening their grip on power at all.